Good Cookies Vs. Bad Cookies: A Photo Guide

I just really like cookies…

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Subway Cookies

SUBWAY COOKIES ARE ALWAYS A LEGITIMATE REASON TO CHEAT ON YOUR DIET — especially the white chocolate chip macadamia nut ones, but the others are nothing to scoff at. The ordering of a healthy sandwich is always negated when you’ve got these magnificent baked goodies staring at you all doughy-eyed, right before you pay. Like, c’mon, would you give an opportunity to buy scratch tickets at the end of a gambling addict meeting? Life has many crossroads and most of mine happen at the cash register of various Subways. “Anything else?” they ask, and I stand there, weak, vulnerable, and at the mercy of this diet killer disguised as a sandwich artist. Rating: 9.8/10


These must be devoured one row at a time, like a classy savage, leaving your teeth temporarily stained in black, cookie residue. If you think about it, those chocolate cookies by themselves are…

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