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Your Facebook Pictures Annoy The Hell Out Of Me


I’m fully aware that I have narcissistic tendencies and I enjoy walking past mirrors more than I should but I’ve tried to humble myself over the years for a serious fear of being punished for vanity. Thats a personal issue – check. Umm, what i am trying to say is, some of you should try wearing confidence a little bit better. Here’s why – A smart man will see you in your one millionth Facebook post of yourself, by yourself, and know that you lack confidence in every sense of word. He will be your friend, but he’s not stupid enough to date you. A smarter man will see you and immediately know that he can take advantage of your weakness of uncertainty. A foolish man will attempt to get between you (and yourself) only to find out that your need for self exalting and self preservation are far greater in importance to you than his needs. Not only does a woman lacking confidence smell worse than a bag of week old fish heads, your overcompensation makes you undesirable, even to yourself. Do yourself a favor, when you look “good” take the same picture that you would take to see how many likes you can get and save it to your phone instead. Start an album entitled “me”. Every time you are with friends or family be sure to show them your new “photo album”. Pay close attention to their reaction and take a mental note of what you feel while you are doing it. Eventually, your solicitation of affection and adoration is not cute anymore. Know that a woman worth her diamonds does not live by the validation of others. She lives by her ability to love, her innate intelligence and humility. She walks with her head held high, never concerned with who is looking or who will appreciate the fact that she took 2 hours to get ready to run errands. Because she appreciates it. She noticed her today. She is now confident, and rightfully so, she is a woman.