Burn Twitter – Burn

Sure, I have a twitter account. I have had one for several years. When I got it I wanted to show my talent to the world through photos, funny quips and inspiring thought in less than 140 characters. Turns out that very few people are interested in anything other than pictures taken of poorly dressed people on subway trains or a gif. of a monkey crushing a banana on its head. An honorable mention goes to Funkmaster Flex for his ability to find pictures of nude reality stars and celebrities – also a shameful hot topic. I spent countless hours competing for digital affection with people bragging about the company they keep or reassuring the rest of us in twitterdom that we were not as good as them – just in case we didn’t already know. What’s funny about it is that I mostly followed local people in the industries that I was pursuing and they became the reason as to why I hate it so much. Journey with me…

I began attending social events where the people I was following on twitter would be – they were nice enough to invite me. As I met them, one by one, I realized that they were all the same on the inside. I continued to try to find my place in this huge crowd despite my reservations. On one particular night, my husband and I got hoodwinked into buying a bottle of patron just to have seats at a show and the management was completely up our asses the entire time and we bought two more. There we were wasted with a trip to The Cheetah’s VIP under our belt and nearly $2600 later, we were the toast of the town. Everyone wanted to know us and the following day my timeline was popping at the seams. As people started to learn who I was – sober – I was too creative, my ideas were not tangible, I thought too far out of the box, and what’s even worse I had a family and a day job, unforgivable to them. I retreated, like a little school-boy bitch.

You could argue that I am bitter and I would mostly agree that I am. I dedicated time and effort to becoming someone that I wasn’t because of the pressure of the douchebags that rule the local twitterverse and my weakness to share my talent by any means necessary. When I graduated high school, it was one of the happier days of my life. I had an ok time in high school, but the people pleasing was to be left long behind me. Round 2 came along when someone invented that piece of shit social network and fascist Fuckerberg opened Facebook up to old people. Needless to say, I have a problem with Facebook too – that we will save for another post.

As a creator of all things beautiful, I have a very purist view on written word, art, fashion, music and things of the sort. As an adult, I expected these talents to stand on their own. I love enjoying time with my family and living in the moment. I have no desire to tweet that moment to 1,000 people that don’t care about me. I will continue my pursuit of creative happiness but by my own rules. I’m not like them and I never will be nor have I ever been. Boom – Thud goes the sound my drum. Oh, and yes, this will automatically post to Twitter.